Loudoun Kirk

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 You can check some of the names recorded on the memorial stones in Loudoun Kirkyard.  It should be noted that gravestones are not necessarily grave markers but memorials and the person may actually be buried elsewhere.

All references to the stones have been given a reference number which represents the number they have been allocated on the map of the burial ground and how they can be identified both on the grave survey CD and any family history information we may have.   If you wish to enquire about any of the names on on the lists, it would be helpful to supply the reference number as well as the name. The more information you can give, the more we are likely to be able to help.

We will also be happy to link your family history web page if your family name appears on the index

Loudoun Kirkyard still has a few remaining memorial stones although regrettably there are no lair books or official records of burials.   In 2008, a graveyard survey was completed to record any stone found in the burial ground so that at least there would be a record of visible inscriptions available for the future.  Many gravestones have been broken or removed and used elsewhere, some of them make up the border around the perimeter path.  One is even in the surrounding wall.

Interested in finding out more about who was buried in the kirkyard, some basic family history research was started.  As this was voluntary, research was carried out using as much free information as possible however in order to ensure the family tree had the right connections, sometimes it was necessary to *download registrations from scotlandspeople.gov.uk although because this exercise was not getting funded, much of it was reliant on sites such as familysearch.ord and FREECEN.

There has been many interesting families researched and we are happy to share whatever information we have and we would also be interested in hearing from anyone else who’s ancestors are included in the kirkyard.  Also interested in collecting family stories, whether real, legend or just plain myth

* Don’t forget to check out the transcription of BMD’s we have.  Many of them relate to people NOT buried and not associated with Loudoun Kirkyard but happen to be on the same registration page of someone else who was.