Loudoun Kirk

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The Crypt is not accessible to the public and is the private vault of the families of the Earls of Loudoun.    However we have been given permission to include the inscriptions in the survey.

There are several coffins in the crypt, some have plaques which have eroded and are unreadable

Countess of Loudoun Flora Muir Campbell Rawdon Hastings

Marchioness Dowager Abney Hastings

Baroness of Mauchline  daughter of James 5th Earl of Loudoun

widow of Francis 1st Marquis of Hastings

Born Edinburgh September 2nd 1780

Lady Fiona Elizabeth Hastings

Lady of the Bedchanber for 6 years to Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Kent

Born Edinburgh February 11th 1806

Died Buckingham Palace July 9th 1839

Aged 33 years

May 10th 1915

Alice Countess of Loudoun

 wife of  11th Earl of Loudoun


Charles Edward Hastings Abney Hastings

11th Earl of Loudoun

Born January 5th 1855

Died May 7th 1920

aged 65 years




The coffin contains the remains of Hugh Campbell, the 3rd Earl of Loudoun, who was Secretary of State in Scotland and Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland. The body was originally encased in glass, but this was thought distasteful, so it was replaced by the lead coffin. The coffin is embelished with a coronet at the top, and the family coat of arms.

Michael Abney-Hastings

14th Earl of Loudoun

22 July 1942 - 30 June 2012