Credits & Acklowledgements

Over the years, Loudoun Kirk Preservation Trust and the Friends of Loudoun Kirk have received  a considerable amount of support in many ways from organisations, friends and members without whom achievement of realising our goal could never have been met.

Historic Scotland, The Heritage Lottery Fund, Score, The Clydesdal Bank played a major part on behalf of the Loudoun Kirk Preservation Trust with grants and loans. Not excluding the architect, Hugh Taylor of Taylor Associates, Ayr who was charged with control of the restoration itself.

The S.A.S. Veteran Belgian Paratroopers for their interest and donations.

Members who have contributed through their membership fees and the kind donations we have had over the years.

As a novice organisation, we have been guided along the way by those more experienced than ourselves and for whom we will be forever grateful.

A special mention to Alistair Hendry for his dedication in research of the history of Loudoun Kirk, without who, we would still be believing Loudoun Kirk was almost 400 years younger than it is.

Our appreciation also goes Susan Smith & Aaron Pawson for their work in producing our initial website and the years since in continuing as webmasters.  Also in the production of the graveyard survey CD.

Special thanks to Andy Brom, web designer, for tutoring and patience in getting a complete novice through the labyrinth mysteries of  web site  development.


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